Slitting machine

Bottom square bag making machine

Paper Tray Forming Machine<







Unwinding type

One shaft with swing arm type.

Variety of web

Paper (80~500gsm)

Web width

Max. 1100 mm

Guide roll width

Max. 1200 mm

Slitting width

Min. 30 mm (speed down)

Winding dia

Unwinder Max. φ 1500 mm

Slitting device

Shear cutters.

Rewinding type

1 Shaft surface center winding system.


Max. 300 m/min
(Working speed : 250 m/min, 65-800mm CUT)
Dimension (W X L X H)mm 1,500 X 7,850 X 2,600mm

Main drive motor

AC motor 30 kw× 4P

Electric power consumption

Appx. 40 kw
Electric source power 220v× 60hz × 3P